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Rain-drenched Visage: +25 to Attractive Broodiness, trufax

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Old habits.

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Pork Store Cafe, San Francisco.


Originally established in 1914 as the Haight Street Pork Store Sausage Manufacturer, the Pork Store has gone through many incarnations over the past 100 years, but this San Francisco landmark is now celebrating its centennial and I had to check it out…

Located in The Haight, I had images of…


I relate so much to Light Yagami when he’s at school.

Only when he’s at school? I relate to him all the time xD

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Favorite Characters [1/?]

                                               ↳ Satsuki Kiryuin

                    "Fear is Freedom! Control is Liberty! Contradiction is                                                                            Truth! That is the reality of this world!"

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get to know me:

female characters [5/5] - Annie Leonhardt

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How to Fix Time and Continuity Problems.


It’s very important to make sure your readers have a clear idea when something is happening, whether or not you jumped forward or backward in time, and how those events are connected time-wise. A big mistake that a lot of beginning writers make is not establishing time…

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When you see a picture you took with over 8,000 notes… Lol.

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Get To Know Me ❀: [Favorite Characters 3/?]

↳ Kougami  S H I N Y A

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at that time...i was scared

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