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That one Sarcastic Bastard


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A moment of silence for the old beloved PJO chapter names

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3x18 / 4x04        Same haunted face

4x04 basically

Rumple: bad idea
Rumple: very bad idea
Rumple: 10/10 would not recommend
Killian: ....
Rumple: ....
Killian: ....
Killian: so I'll just have that hand back pls



Accurate description of ponies

It gets even funnier when you realize that Robert Downey Jr. is also afraid of horses

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Although I have to point out that there was a piece of speculative science fiction called The Blazing World published by one Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1666, slightly predating Mary Shelley.

This is the thing. Women have been doing awesome shit since there was awesome shit to do, we’ve BEEN THERE, if anyone bothered to look.

Oh, they looked. And then maliciously and willfully erased us from the books to keep anyone else from “getting ideas.”

Hell, the first named author in history? Enheduanna, a Sumerian high priestess, poet and lyricist. She’s known as the Shakespeare of Sumerian literature.

And THAT is why women are awesome. 

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Happy Birthday, Elfriede Jelinek, born 20 October 1946


  1. Strictly speaking, there are no holidays for art; art pursues you everywhere, and that’s just fine with the artist.
  2. He lies like a book. And he reads a lot of books.
  3. As is said about most writers all I ever did from when I was a child was read, and I was a loner, which was furthered by my parents and my upbringing.
  4. Very few women wait for Mr. Right. Most women take the first and worst Mr. Wrong.
  5. I do not fight against men, but against the system that is sexist.
  6. Every day, a piece of music, a short story, or a poem dies because its existence is no longer justified in our time. And things that were once considered immortal have become mortal again, no one knows them anymore. Even though they deserve to survive.
  7. Art and order, the relatives that refuse to relate.
  8. Only he who loves and is loved for his own sake can be happy, and what produces that happiness is not so much the sense of sexual communion as of two people being together … the sexual act viewed as a whole probably affords less happiness than a totally ordinary kiss or often indeed one simple word from the one you love.
  9. Vice is basically the love of failure.
  10. Happiness happens by chance, and is not a law or the logical consequences of actions.

Jelinek is an Austrian playwright and novelist. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004.

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